EV Scooter Manufacturing Company in Maharashtra for Sale/ Partnership. 

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EV Scooter Manufacturing Company in Maharashtra for Sale/ Partnership. 

One of client is looking to exit fully or partly  his EV Scooter Company due to Old Age. The current Promoter will handhold incoming Buyer / Partner till they  get good understanding of the EV Scooter Business. 

Deliverables of an EV Scooter startup with following soft assets.

1. ICAT approved and certified 4 scooter models with certificates. 

2. Three high speed models selected, which can be launched in 3-4 months if sufficient working capital available.

3.List of 200+ investors who are willing to be a ev dealer 

4.Local & overseas Vendors. Assembly line expertise/team available on salary or Contract.

5.Tie up with the world’s most advanced Lifepo4 battery manufacturer at most competitive price.

6.Tie up with transporter & accessories manufacturers. 

7. Tie ups with homologation agency.

8.Pan India network development plan on paper, with  details and projections with requirement details of finance and manpower.

9.Ample stock of scooters and spare parts, accessories, Display stands, Leaflet stands etc. Sales price around 

10.Brand name and rights

11. GST Credit : ₹5 lakh

12.Land & building are NOT part of this proposal/deal.

13. Revenue Traction:  Company has done total Sales of Rs.5 Crores from 2021 to 2023.

Company operated for 3 months in F.Y 20-21, (Company started Sales in January 2021)  7 months in FY 2021-22, (5 months covid lockdown).

Fy 23 management disturbed due to Promoters health issues.

Total Valuation expectations is about ₹5.55 Crores.  

Dealer Deposits: 0.70 Cr.

You can buy 100% by paying INR 5.55 Crores (The Company shall clear dealer debt) or you can buy 50% by paying INR 3.00 Crores.

With sufficient working capital & manpower, advertisement sales of 10000 unit’s can be achieved in a year with GP of ₹ 15 Crores.

Reasons for Promoters Exit: The Promoter  is 65 Years old and his son is migrated to USA.  Sales were for stopped for a year due to Promoters health problem which is restarted from July ,2023 onwards. Therefore, Promoters intend to fully or partly Exit the Company 

Projected Roadmap towards prosperity

Takeover the brand. Infuse sufficient working capital, Recruit one Sales & Mktg.Manager, 12 executives and allocate handsome advertisement budget. This should help to appoint on an average 10 dealers a month. Within 6 months sales shall reach 500+ scooters per month, with a GP of ₹one Crores a month. Keep on nurturing and growing !

If you want to see products, let’s meet in Pune.

Please WhatsApp on 91-98200-88394 for further information and discussion.

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