Delhi Public School (DPS) Franchise

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DPS has been serving the nation for more than six decades, incorporating the best educational practices in India and today you can benefit from its legacy and advantages. DPS EdTech, are glad to share a detailed franchise proposal with you.


When it comes to finding the perfect school, parents seek out only the best. After all, school is the crucial first step that a child takes on the road to a successful life.

If you are looking to open a school franchise, then partnering with DPS EdTech is your perfect choice as you become a part of a rich background and history. You also get access to a well-defined business model, holistic support, and a legacy of trust. From infrastructure to teacher recruitment, from complete guidance on teaching aids and curriculum to marketing guidance, you can expect extensive mentoring and support from DPS EdTech.

We create the perfect support system to help you establish a world class institution in your city/ town. We provide extensive support to start the new school and help ensure that everything is in order, so that you may begin your journey smoothly and successfully towards enriching young minds and building the future of the country.

Delhi Public Schools are equipped with the latest educational aids, infrastructure and amenities and are thus known to maintain the highest standards in the field of school education.


  • India’s leading school brand
  • Decades of proven success
  • Quality Education
  • Use of innovative techniques
  • Brand legacy & quality assurance
  • Goodwill among the parents, media, and larger community

Steps to start a Franchise:

  1. Submission of Proposal/ Intent for DPS Franchise.
    Franchise begins with the submission of project report in DPS Society stating the objective, rationale behind venturing into education. It should have details about Trust, Promoters Profile, Details of the land parcel, Project funding plan, Details of planned infrastructure. The DPS Franchise report should also have insight into Tentative site layout & floor plans, Capacity Assumption, Acceptable fee structure and detailed location analysis.
  2. Site inspections for the proposed School site for DPS Franchise.
    If the initial proposal is accepted post the submission of project report in the DPS Society for DPS Franchise, then members of DPS Society will plan a physical inspection of the site and surrounding to evaluate the value proposition for granting a DPS Franchise.
  3. Approval & signing of MOU for granting of DPS Franchise.
    Post the visit and approval, an intimation will be sent to the franchise seeker to initiate the agreement signing & release of initial one-time fee.
  4. Operational support by DPS Society for DPS Franchise.
    Once MOU is signed for DPS Franchise, DPS Society will begin the support process by helping the clients in identifying good human resources and setting up the systems and process for school operations.

Given below are the basic requirements for starting a franchise with DPS EdTech:

Land requirement- Minimum 8 acres
Construction: Minimum 60,000 SQF
Building & Infrastructure Development Costs: 15 crores + 2 crores of working capital for at least 2 years
Franchise Fee: Rs. 50, 00,000
Manageable Annual Lump-sum fee/ thousand students: 25,00,000 – 30,00,000 + Guidance Fee

For more information, WhatsApp to us at Mobile No. 91- 98200 – 88394 or email to .

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Business and Investment Opportunities, Finance and Investments, Franchisees and Dealership Network, Uncategorized

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